“Express service” on any bird mount, 90 day turnaround from “field to wall.”

Just add $100 to any price listed below (limited availability)

“Looking for Great Quality, Reasonable pricing? Cant find a Local taxidermist who SPECIALIZES in Birds? Worried about Shipping birds? Your search is over!. With over 37 years of experience in Bird Taxidermy and Having Shipped thousands of birds I now offer discriminating Hunters and serious collectors across the country simply the finest in CUSTOM bird taxidermy!

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Puddle Ducks $325.00
Sea-ducks $325.00 – $350.00 WW/Surf Scoters $375.00
Eiders $475.00
Small Geese Ross/Brant/ Tiny Canada’s $450.00
Medium Geese Snows/Blues/Specs/Small Canada’s $485.00
Large Geese Canada’s $650.00
Swans Tundra $995.00 Trumpeters $1200.00
Turkeys/Cranes $985.00
Turkey Tail Fans/backplate/beard and spurs on real Barnwood backer $295.00
Pheasant $325.00
Hungarians/Quail/Rails $295.00
Snipe/Woodcock/Doves/Pigeon $395.00
Grouse/Ptarmigan/Chukar/Hungarian $325.00*
*(Strutting/Displaying, Eye combs/Air sacs $175.00 extra Ruffed Strutting $75.00 extra)
Sage Grouse $425.00



Prices listed include a Plaque of your choice and Driftwood

  1.  Choose your desired pose
  2.  Choose your plaque style

** CHOICES** Wildfowl Unlimited offers custom poses. I can duplicate most any pose off any image on this website, Magazine or book photos, Images off the internet, other taxidermist websites, I don’t care!, Just find the pose you desire and send me that image in an email or print it and send with your bird. Remember to choose the type of Plaque you want and IF your bird needs to be going a certain direction. Habitat or deluxe plaques/woodworking is an option that may be added on per your request. Feel Free to Call with any questions!

* Return shipping: Boxing and Crating fees PLUS actual shipping charges by UPS or FedEX
* Shipping Restrictions, Please call in advance.
Protected Birds: Birds of Prey- Songbirds etc Call for quote, Only accepted with Federal paperwork
Plaque choices: Oak-Walnut-Barnwood-Blue Pine
Boxing/Crating fees $20.00 Per bird, LARGE birds ask for quote

**Detachable wings On Large birds to decrease shipping charges $75.00.
Flying OR Standing same price unless otherwise noted
Driftwood/Plaque are included in price
Custom Habitat available at an extra fee, $65.00 and UP, Inquire
Excessive Damage Repair $25.00 and UP
Terms” See invoice

** 3.75% fee applied to all Credit Card transactions

Bird Taxidermy classes available on a limited basis* Inquire*

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