Photo by Scott Fink

The most cost effective and simplified way to ship birds to my Studio is outlined below.

When you finally collect that “Trophy” bird simply fold the head back against the body, Place it in a sturdy, sealed bag, 1-2 Gallon Ziploc bags work well! Freeze the bird and when ready to ship simply follow the Instructions below:

    1. Find a suitable box, about as big as the bird[s] to be shipped Yet large enough for added insulation/packing
    2. Place the bagged birds on top of a bed of Fiberglass insulation OR crumpled up Newspaper, The fiberglass insulation is superior but Newspaper will work
    3. Cover/Wrap the bird with the Insulation. Make sure the box will close, yet full enough to insulate AND secure/protect the bird.
    4. Print out an Invoice and Federal Tag. (Download links located below) Properly fill out ALL the info, If more than one bird is in the shipment PRINT the Federal Tag and fill out one for EACH bird, Put these items in a Ziploc bag along with the appropriate deposit  and place on top of the insulation before closing the box.
    5. If you find the “pose” you like in one of the Galleries here on the website, right click the large version of the photo and “save as.” Print the photo of the pose and include it with the completed invoice and bird tag in the ziplock bag.
    6. Seal the box shut and ship via FedEx Or UPS, Standard ground is fine during the cold winter months, preferably 2nd day during the warmer months, Call for instructions if needed,  ALWAYS notify me, and ship on a Monday to insure no weekend layovers. Once received I will email or call you that it arrived
    7. **Please do not ship via USPS!

Terms: See invoice for deposit requirements 

I accept Credit Cards-Personal Checks and Money orders

Your completed mount will be shipped back to you by UPS or FedX, Shipping cost vary depending on your location and size of box. You are only charged for the actual shipping fees and boxing

Please print and fill out the following forms (step 4 above), which can be downloaded from the links below:

Invoice Download
(Right Click and “Print”)
Bird Tag Download
(Right Click and “Print”)
PROOF 38392 Wildfowl Unlimited formWildfowl Bird Tag Download

How To Ship Birds Wildfowl Unlimited Inc Taxidermy 435 width

Address all shipments to:


5565 Sapphire Ridge Road

Florence MT 59833


Commonly Asked Question: “How do you ship the birds back to me?”

Wildfowl Unlimited Inc.
Florence, MT
Phone: 406.273.2180

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